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Yacimiento Arqueológico

Macael Tourism

Macael tourism is a tourism development project of the village of Macael, which revolves around its precious marble. It is carried out on the initiative of the Macael Town Council

Its action is based on a 3-year strategic plan whose goal for 2023 is to turn Macael into a benchmark for Industrial Tourism on a national level.

To this end, several strategic objectives are established with a specific timeframe for measuring goals, focused on the networking of the actors involved in the destination in order to:

Define” Macael destination” as an articulated, differentiated and easily accessible tourist product, to make Macael an experiential and emotional destination focused on different interest groups, to reinforce the aspects related to learning, to take advantage of the synergies with other destinations, and to position the image of Macael as a tourist destination of reference at a national level, while at the same time making it known and creating confidence in the product that they will find here.

With these actuations, we pretend to transform Macael into a “open museum”, full of differents attractions with wich to experience, understand and enjoy the Macael Marble Culture, complementing the tourist offer of the Province of Almeria.


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