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Historical Recreation "Stonemasons and Chiefs in the Fight for Marble"

Have you ever been curious about what it would feel like to travel to the past?

Now you can experience it! Come and enjoy the historical recreation “Stonemasons and Chieftains in the Fight for Marble” A magical event that gives you the opportunity to live the past.

It is an event organized by the Macael City Council, every last weekend in May, You will Know what it means to be a stonemason in Macael through the “Lawsuit of the Quarries”, taking advantage of the 70th anniversary of its conclusion. A decisive fact by which the stonemasons and their families, after a prolonged struggle (from 1919 to 1947), recover the public character of their quarries, communal according to the tradition inherited from the Muslim era, in the face of their attempt to privatize by part of the local chieftains.

With this event, you will be able to get fully involve in the dialy life of a stonemason and get into the shoes of the protagonists and feel this fight as their own.

Come here and dress in period, going back to the period between 1919 and 1947. Meeting with stonemasons, muleteers, carters, quarry owners, forgers, chambilleros, grinders, washerwomen and other typical characters of this time within a playful space characterized by the most representative buildings and settings of that period.

 In them the representation will mix with the attending public, who will have the opportunity to taste tapas based on traditional gastronomy, dance to the beat of the music of the time (Charleston, pasodobles, Mazurca), contemplate demonstrations of stonework, crafts and sculpture, how the marble was lowered on ox carts, buying typical products, listening to typical songs of the time such as the tarantas and the fandangos of Almería, and celebrate that the town of Macael recovers its quarries with barrels of wine, in the same way that happened in 1947.

The quarries are from the village!

Both the Culture Area and the Sports Area of the Macael City Council organize numerous events throughout the year, open to the participation of visitors


One of the most important and prestigious automobile events, not only on the regional scene but also on a national level. In the latest edition, the 39th, 25,000 people attended along its 4.6 km of route, which runs through a spectacular environment, surrounded by quarries of this precious material. Scoring race for the Andalusia and Murcia Mountain Championships with a coefficient of 3.25. Two categories participate: cars and single-seaters, and three rounds are disputed: 1st climb of official training sessions, 2nd first official climb, 3rd second official climb. At the end of the race, the awards ceremony takes place in the multi-service booth and an exhibition of the participating cars. The day before the technical verifications of the vehicles are carried out. It takes place at the end of October.


Around Christmas time the Macael Artistic Nativity Scene is inaugurated, based on the most emblematic landscapes and monuments of the town, in which the quarries and marble workshops cannot be absent. The Bethlehem of Macael is the largest in Andalusia and attracts foreigners and locals, being open to the public until January 8. Admission is free and the arrangement of its landscapes and figures, beautifully displayed and calculated, force visitors to admire such a beautiful work of art.



Every year there are several music concerts starring the Cultural Musical Association of Macael in the municipal theater, recreating songs by various artists and their own too. Macael’s music band is made up of 65 musicians including flutes, oboes, clarinets, alto saxophones, tenor saxophones, baritone saxophone, horn horn, trumpets, trombones, euphonium, tubas and percussionists.


Mountain bike test with approximately 60 kilometers of route through hard ramps and challenging paths that shows the beauty and hardness of our mountain range. It is celebrated during the spring, between the months of March and June (It depends on the federative calendar).


Race framed within the provincial circuit of popular races of the Diputación de Almería. It is celebrated between May and June.

CXM Macael Marble

One of the best mountain races on the Almeria and Andalusian mountain discipline calendar, which became the 2019 Andalusian Club Championship.


Tournament held in the second half of September in all its categories (male, female and mixed).

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