Yacimiento Arqueológico

of Macael

From here it is intended to publicize the way of celebrating and promoting our traditions and Festivals, as well as inviting visitors to join in and mingle with us. The festivities are days of personal relationship and rest between the arduous tasks of marble work, they reinforce religiosity and serve as an escape valve from the stresses of life

Yacimiento Arqueológico

Festivities in honor of
the Virgin of Rosario

On October 7, Macael commemorates his Patron, “La Virgen del Rosario”. These are the big festivals and the people take to the streets to venerate their image, which has been the hope and relief of stonemasons and marble workers since time immemorial.

The Macaeleros are proud of their Virgin and entertain her with multiple promises, offerings and with gunpowder, which tears the sky as a prayer, asking for protection for their workers.

The most massive religious act is the Eucharist in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary which is celebrated in the open air at the foot of the church tower. Then the procession takes place, of about 1,100 m, traveling through the main streets of the municipality to return to the starting point. After the religious ceremony, attendees enjoy the gastronomy of the place at the midday fair, which lasts until late in the afternoon. The night has nothing to envy the day and you can enjoy leisure in the many mechanical attractions, the fireworks display and dancing in the Municipal Booth and in the Youth Booth.

Homenaje a la mujer


It is celebrated the first weekend of December. Traditional festival in which the hard work of the worker is recognized, after a long working life. Conferences and colloquia about the work in the quarry. Popular migas (crumbs) are cooked with care by the women and men of the town to the delight and satisfaction of Macaelenses and visitors. Tribute act and presentation of plaques to retired stonemasons throughout the year. Thanksgiving mass and wreath at the monument to the stonemason.

San Marcos


April 25 is the day of San Marcos “the Macael pathron”. It is tradition to spend the day in the countryside with family and friends, and eat the traditional hornazo (oil bread with a boiled egg in the middle). The most popular meeting point is in “the Rambla-Canfornal era”, where a mass is celebrated and then a small procession through the farmhouses located in that area, singing and dancing.

Fiestas de Fatima


It is a pilgrimage on foot from the Church of Macael to “the Ermita del Marchal” in honor of the Virgin of Fatima. Once there, mass is celebrated and then the procession through the usual streets accompanied by the Macael Band of Drums and Cornets. It is celebrated every May 13.

Carnaval Macael


Semana santa Macael


Holy Week in Macael has a great tradition. The most striking and showy procession is that of the Santo Entierro, on Holy Friday. It is impressive to see the burning axes in the hands of the Nazarenes hidden under their capiruchos, and the bearers climbing the steep streets of the town in strict silence. On Easter Sunday, first thing in the morning, “the Encuentro procession” takes place. In it, the Virgin of the Rosary travels a part of the town in search of the images of the Risen Christ and of Saint John, who wait at the crosses of Calvary. In the session, the thrones are made to dance to the beat of the music band, under a shower of rose petals.

Barrios de Macael


The “San Jose Obrero” neighborhood is celebrated the first of May. The “San Antonio”district, on June 13. “San Juan”, on June 24. “The Virgen del Carmen”, on July 16 and finally, “the Collado” neighborhood that celebrates “the Virgin Mary”, on September 12.

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