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Macael has become an open museum displaying the Macael Marble Culture, with more than 25 centuries of history.

Have you already thought of a date for your visit? The quarries, the craft and sculpture workshops, the Marble Interpretation Center, the replica of the Fountain of the “Patio  de los Leones” of the Alhambra and the largest Mortar in the World. They are waiting for you!

If you want to make the most of your visit, we recommend starting the excursion at the Marble Interpretation Center, located in the center of town.

To access this point, we recommend parking on the land in front of the Town Hall, and follow the pedestrian signs that start at the corner of it. For people with reduced mobility, there are car parks dedicated to this, just before and just after the Marble Interpretation Center.

In the case of going by tourist bus, there is a stop next to the largest Mortar in the world and another next to the Monument to the Stonemason, from both locations there are pedestrian signs indicating access to the Marble Interpretation Center.

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