About Macael

Macael's past and present, written with a mallet and pointer, are linked to his main source of wealth, marble. The culture, history and tradition of this municipality are based on this majestic stone.

You’ve already decided, are you coming to know Macael, right? A village that has written its past and present for centuries joined to a gavel and pointer.

To get to know us more, I’ll tell you a little…

For the “Macaeleros”, marble is their hallmark, their history. And  around it , a deep-rooted culture of sacrifice, strength and dedication has been formed that is materialized in the knowledge of extraction and transformation techniques that have been passed from fathers to sons.

Wouldn’t you like to know the old sand looms, the quarries, the marble craft factories or the craft workshops?

Do you know how modern numerical control machinery or new materials arising from the commitment to innovation such as Silestone and Dekton have influenced the work of marble?

This rich culture is being valued by the Macael City Council, to facilitate its knowledge and experience in first person through The Macael Marble Interpretation Center, and to make your experience unique come and immerse yourself in the surroundings of the quarries walking the Marble Path or the old road to Macael Viejo, impress yourself in the Viewpoints of the quarries, get lost in the Corners of Macael and be amazed with the largest mortar in the world.

 We are waiting for you!





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