Centro de interpretacion del marmol

Macael Marble
Interpretation Centre

Macael marble interpretation centre is concibed like a cultural space where history, tradition, innovation and future harmoniously coexist to offer us an insight into the culture of Macael marble

¿Do you want to know all secrets behind a piece of marble and the process it must follow from its extraction until it becomes art?

Delve into the culture of marble by visiting the Marble Interpretation Centre.

The Macael Marbe interpretation centre fulfils a triple function as a visitor reception centre, tourist information point and interpretative space offering you a contextualisation of the Macael marble culture.

Here you will find all the necessary information to interpret the Culture of Marble and learn about the historical evolution of the exploitation of Macael marble and the different techniques that have been used in its transformation and transport, as well as the different figures that are and have been part of this trade over time.

You will also find different pieces and elements on display, both in the permanent collections and in the temporary exhibitions installed on the upper floor in an open-plan space where you can enjoy an extensive collection of photographs, all of which will undoubtedly contribute to making your visit more attractive, participative and experiential.

It also has a projection room, and a 4D multi-sensory experience area “from the exploitation to the exhibition” where, thanks to virtual reality, you can feel the movement, heat, humidity, air and smells of all the operations involved in the marble exploitation process: blasting, large machinery, cutting, carving… a different way to live and feel for yourself the process of making a wonderful white marble sculpture

The activity ends with a marble carving and mosaic experience. In a room that recreates the old Crafts Workshop of “Los Curros” where, following the advice of the instructor, you will be able to carve an indalo in white marble, making an original magnet to take home as an original souvenir.

Finally, we will make two beautiful mosaics with the different colours of Macael marble, one in Hispano-Muslim style and the other in Roman style.

Inside the Marble Interpretation Centre you will find a craft shop where you can buy different handmade items such as mortars with different designs and sizes at the best price, exclusively for you!

Don’t think twice and come and discover the Land of Marble!


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