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Yacimiento Arqueológico

Marmol Trail

For the more active, access to the quarries is possible by walking along this 4.6 km long and low difficulty path, which connects the town with the quarries through the old path where the marble blocks used to go down in carts. by oxen, whose tracks carved into the rock are clearly observable.

Delve into the heart of the quarries from where the so precious Macael marble is extracted. Along the way we can see how the landscape has been transformed due to the intense exploitation and its contrast with the unexploited areas of the surroundings. From the two viewpoints that we can find on the route, you can enjoy excellent views of the Almanzora Valley and the quarries. This path runs largely parallel to the “Subida del Mármol” Rally circuit, a mythical event that has been held since the 1950s. It is signposted and approved by the Andalusian Mountaineering Federation. For more information, see the trail map.

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Description of the trail

The trail start panel is found leaving the highest part of the town, taking the old AL-840 road that linked Macael with the provincial capital, already on the outskirts of the town, at the first curve that turns to the left.

The itinerary begins to the right of the road, rising a steep but short slope. We continue through a rocky terrain in which we can see marks of the passage of cars, continuing until we find a paved curve that we border on the right without stepping on it to continue until an old plaster that is on our right.

We continue the path while still seeing the road until we reach the old dining rooms. We continue parallel to the road for about 500 meters to reach the Mirador de Cosentino. Parallel to the road, we continue along the path to another viewpoint, Las Canteras, where we finish.

Code: SL-A-170 | Type of trail: Linear | Starting point: Macael | End point: Mirador de las Canteras

Total distance (in meters): 4,600 m. | Estimated walking time: 1 h 33 min.

Accumulated elevation gain: 352 m. | Cumulative descent drop: 37 m.

Difficulty (Assessment according to the MIDE method):

Nivel sendero
Yacimiento Arqueológico

of interest

Sendero huelllas


During the initial part of the route we can walk along the old access road to the quarries, by which the carts loaded with the marble blocks descended. Their footprints are clearly visible on the rocky floor. The carts were pulled by two oxen that were arranged in front and braked in their descent by two other oxen that were arranged behind.

Sendero yeseras


Old plaster from the Moorish period (1489-1568). The Arab culture introduced the widespread use of plaster on the peninsula. Located near a deposit of this mineral, the gypsum was fired in kilns for dehydration and finally ground.



Behind the old dining rooms of the stonemasons, looking to the right we can see a small turquoise blue pool that forms between the marble walls when the water used in the extraction process seeps through.

Mirador de consentino




Before reaching the Mirador de las Canteras we can see some large rocks on the road covered with oligisto, a mineral from which iron is extracted.




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