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MACAEL TOURISM has been included in the National Registry of Scientific Tourism, which includes research institutions, municipalities, companies or disseminators with a tourist offer that meets the criteria of the project promoted by the Discover Foundation, prepared in 2018 and updated in 2021 by a multidisciplinary advisory council, and which are specified in:

  • Scientific rigor. The project will have an advisor with regulated scientific training in the field of knowledge of the activity, who will ensure the scientific rigor of the activities.
  • Have a qualified team. The proposed initiative will always have a team of qualified people to carry out the activities.
  • Offered activities. All the proposals will be framed and justified in the field of scientific tourism, the proponents must commit to offer in the catalog at least one activity of this type per year.
  • No pseudoscience. A commitment letter will be provided guaranteeing that none of the initiatives of the company or organization will be linked to pseudoscience.
  • Complies with tourist regulations. The tourism legislation of the autonomous community where it develops its activity in different areas will be respected: artistic heritage, natural spaces, open spaces, closed spaces…
  • Inclusion and equality. It will be valued to have a strategy that facilitates the participation of people with physical, intellectual and cognitive disabilities, as well as a Gender Equality Plan
  • Having a Sustainability Strategy will be valued.
  • Business strength. The entity will have to demonstrate legal and commercial solidity in the development of the proposed activity.

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