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Yacimiento Arqueológico

Trail ancient path
of Macael Viejo

If you're a lover of active tourism, you're in luck! A different way to get to know the culture of marble.

The old path to Macael Viejo is developed inside the area of exploitation of the quarries of Macael. Through the path you access the archaeological site of Macael Viejo, it was abandoned in 1573, after the expulsion of the Moors, in which structures and objects from different eras have been found. Macael Viejo is settled on a plateau surrounded by rocky cliffs that gave the settlement a strong defensive character. In the plateau itself you can see current and historical quarries.

The trail begins on the dirt track that rises to the archaeological site from the asphalted track, through which you must ascend a zigzag path to ascend to the trough in which a system of stairs and ramps will allow you to access the highest point. It is signposted and approved by the Andalusian Mountaineering Federation. For more info, see the trail map.

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Description of the trail

It begins on the dirt track that climbs to the archaeological site of Macael viejo from the asphalted track that runs along the stream of the dance.

We ascend half a kilometer to take a secondary track on the right, which we will leave 250 meters higher to take an ascending path to the left reaching the plateau that comforts Macael viejo.

Topped the hill, the rocky highlight that separates us from the highest point is saved by a system of stairs and ramps.

Once on the plateau we descend through it reaching an old quarry and later we will find the remains of the excavated structures, where the track that we had abandoned at the beginning of the route arrives. Following it we return to the starting point.

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