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Macael Viejo

In Macael Viejo you can find traces of the different cultures that have populated the area around the quarries of Macael throughout history

Are you able to imagine how the ancient inhabitants of Macael Viejo lived and what their lifestyle and day to day life was like?

If you don’t want to lose any detail of how they lived in the quarries, visit the Archaeological Site of Macael viejo.

This site was abandoned in 1573, after the expulsion of the Moors by the Catholic Monarchs. A settlement was located here, where the workers of the old quarries probably lived in different historical periods, leaving behind important vestiges of their daily life such as an imposing Roman villa, an Islamic cistern or a medieval cemetery.

During your visit you will learn that the exploitation of these historical quarries began with the Romans, who imposed the use of marble in the cities and villas in Hispania. To do so, they explored the existence of local marble deposits and began to exploit them, but it was in the Islamic period when the quarries began to be systematically exploited, a process that has continued to the present day.

A different way of getting to know this marvellous environment is by following the “path of the old road to Macael Viejo”, an imposing zig-zagging path along the valley that leads to the top of the “muela” where the archaeological site is located, although to reach the highest point it is necessary to overcome the difference in level by means of a system of ramps and stairs.

You will also find out what places such as the Mosque of Cordoba, the Medina Azahara Palace, the Alcazaba Almeria, or the Alhambra Palace have in common and why they are linked to Macael and its quarries.

Do not hesitate to know the complete history, discover the Land of Marble.

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