Visit to the
marble quarries

Macael is inextricably linked to the word “Marble”. The quarries very close to the town centre have been exploited since ancient times, constituting the most important nucleus of exploitation of ornamental rocks in the national territory

Can you imagine being able to visit a white marble quarry and feel this experience in first person?

Visit the quarries of Macael and the Marble Interpretation Centre to discover and learn the secrets and know-how that have been passed down from generation to generation since time immemorial and that are maintained to this day.

With your visit you will be able to know first hand centuries and centuries of living history, who were the first to make use of Macael marble, how the extraction process is and has been throughout time, and how this activity has influenced the way of life of a whole village, among other curiosities and interesting facts.

Visiting us, you will be able to enjoy the quarries of Macael, which occupy more than 6.600 hectares. Inside the quarries we will visit the viewpoint of Cosentino from where we will observe and explain the modern extraction process. In addition, we will show how the old communication system was in the quarries by means of the use of “caracolas” and we will have the possibility to experience “in situ” the process of “zoblar” the marble using “pinchotes” and “almaina”, with the aim of making the visit more experiential. We also have special permission to visit the quarry area where the Ridley Scott film “Exodus: Gods and Kings” was shot.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know the land of marble and experience what it feels like to approach an impressive white marble bench.

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